Saturday, June 17, 2017

Saturday June 17 - "Come To Me"

Several devotional readings over the past week have reflected on coming to Jesus. The call of discipleship is first a call to come to Jesus. We often get the order mixed up. I want to do something for Jesus. Indeed, Chambers emphasized on June 11th that in our stubbornness we would rather do anything than the simple, childlike act of coming to Jesus. This week has been a busy week around Grace with Vacation Bible School. We want to be busy about investing in others, serving in ministry, and loving one another and our community well. But in my own life, busyness often drowns out what God is wanting to do in my heart. Chambers asked a question on June 10th that has resounded in my mind over the past few days: “Are you thirsty, or smugly indifferent—so satisfied with your experience that you want nothing more of God?” Ouch. I’m sure we would all say a loud “no!” But what does my life reflect? Do I allow God to touch my heart? Do I want Him to? Am I satisfied—apathetic—in my walk with God, to the point I’m not letting Him transform my heart? Even spending time in daily devotion can become routine. Am I reflecting on the wisdom of Chambers and the truth of God’s Word?

Jesus’ first invitation in discipleship is to “come, follow Me” (Matthew 4:19, Mark 10:21), and we often reserve coming to Jesus as our initial response in faith to the gospel. My tendency is to come and go, but Jesus invites us to come and be with Him. Jesus doesn’t want us to come to Him and then go about our lives. He continually invited the disciples and the crowds to come to Him:
Come and rest – Matthew 11:28
Come to me and drink, if you thirst – John 7:37
Come and see – John 1:39
Come to me; I will not cast you out – John 6:37
Come away and rest – Mark 6:31
Have you come to Jesus? Will you come now?

Pastor Conrad

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