Saturday, July 8, 2017

Saturday July 7 - "Will to be Faithful"

Free because of a Cost!
Christianity is NOT something that is inevitable, something that this World promotes, or something that you can "turn on and off." The belief, and then life that following, in Christ comes from a choice to abandon this World, to go against ALL that we have a desire to do, and to be who we were made to be! God is NOT looking for emotionless, will-less, or slave followers. His deepest desire is to have a relationship with EVERYONE, but forces none! He wants all of His creation to be in a deep, personal relationship with Him, but with our choosing to be a part! He loves all of us, but not all of us show that love back. (Romans 5:8)
We MUST openly declare our love for God!
I am reminded of the story of the prodigal son. The father would, everyday, look to sons return, hoping it was then. However, he had to wait for the will of the son to return. But everyday the father was ready for, that day, to be the time! God is this with us! He waits patiently, and His deepest desire is for us to return to Him! But it is our free-will that makes it "the day we returned."
Will today be the day that you return to God? 

-  Josh Burt

July 8 - "Will to be Faithful"

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